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Glow Green Biotech

Our Mission

To produce bio-CNG and bio-organic fertilizers from any kind of organic waste and create wealth through production of compressed biogas and bio-organic fertilizers to ultimately improve the quality of environment, soil, farmer’s standard of living, create local employment and overall improvement in quality of life of human being.


Our Vision

To be a globally responsive organisation involved in ecofriendly waste to wealth green energy project, contributing towards protection of environment, soil and human health.


Our Values

The Glow Green Biotech is a scientifically established organization committed to deliver high quality compressed biogas suitable for our vehicular propulsion and highly enriched liquid and solid bio organic fertilizer to improve quality of life of farmers, human health, soil and environment in general. Zero adulteration and our integrity are the basic values of organization.


Introduction to plant

>  The production capacity of the organization is to produce 2200 kg/day of compressed biogas having the average composition as:

>  This gas is marketed through two cascades of twenty cylinders each having capacity of 75 litres and filled at 150 bar as per PESO approval.

Comparison of Glow Green Biotech's Liquid Fermented Organic Manure Parameters with the FC09s Requirements Amemded on 1st May 2021:

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Additional Information:

Registration Number: FFW200000170

Authorization Letter Number: SUR/FFW200000170/2019-20